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Manifesting a Phone Call, SMS, bumping into
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 Posted: Mon Sep 1st, 2008 06:08 am
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Hi everybody!!

I've been doing some research and found some threads addressing close topics, but not one specifically targeted at this issue:

There is a guy I am deeply in love with and have had several encounters with. I met him in school almost a year ago and immediately fell for him. I managed after a while to find ways to be around him and on two or three occasions we had times where we chatted, one which was genuinely started by him and was by far the most enjoyable conversation I have ever had with anyone. I only saw him a few days a week and sometimes would go for weeks without seeing him. Finally, my time at that school came to an end and we stopped seeing eachother. We had exchanged numbers but never contcted eachother. I kept thinking of him, nonetheless. One day, about a month go, I woke up with an enormous urge to see him, and I did something really crazy. I went to the place where one of my friends told me he was working and waited for him outside. After he did not come in or out, I decided to hang around at the nearest Subway station, where I KNEW for a fact he would come sooner or later. I actually saw him and pretended we had accidentally bumped into eachother, telling him I was waiting for a cousin. We said HI and everything, chatted for a while and then took off. Since then, I haven't stopped thinking about him. I really want to meet with him or have some type of encounter. So I guess I have several questions about this:

1. The most important one being: Is it possible to attract a phone call or some type of contact form a specific someone? Would this be in some sort of way, creating in his experience? (As I am desiring it and hence he would be doing it)

2. Was he in my experience because he is/was a vibrational match to me? If we are no longer in constant contact, does that mean we are not vibrationally aligned anymore? (Why would I keep thinking of him so much?)

3. That day I "bumped into him", I knew he was going to be there sooner or later. Did I nevertheless create the experience of seeing him that day? If so, then it would be possible to hae him contact me, right?::chin

I remember in the Secret there was a man saying "Think of someone you haven't seen for a long time, you'll receive a phone call from him or someone will start talking about him" (Something like that...)::LOL

OK This has gone really long.. hope many of you have some wonderful thoughts about this, like you always do. Thank you!!!



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 Posted: Mon Sep 1st, 2008 07:19 am
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Hi Carmen,

Of course this question has been addressed many times.  It's a variation on "How can I manifest a relationship with a particular person I'm attracted to?" and Abraham has answered this many times for people asking on the hotseat as well.

The bottom line is, Abraham's message is that you get to control your OWN behavior, and never someone else's.  Whenever you try to "manifest" a particular behavior in another, you are way out of vibrational synch.

Abraham says this: When you think about that person you are attracted to, if you FEEL GOOD when you think about him and visualize being with him, then great - that means that when you think about him, you are in attracting mode for attracting a relationship that feels good - whether with that specific person or not. 

If however, when you think about him, you are feeling lack, or anxiety, or worry about how you will get him to notice you, then you are in attracting mode for attracting more "lack of relationship".

You will rendezvous with this person if you are a vibrational match.  The Universe has your back.  It knows what to do.  And that doesn't mean you should not take inspired action when you feel like it.  Of course you should.  But don't do it with the intention of "manifesting" that he will do this or that. 

Don't limit the Universe.  You say you are "deeply in love" with this person.  But you are focused on "how can I get him to call me".  Love just plain feels good.  It doesn't "try to manifest" behavior.  So relax, have fun, be yourself and feel good, and you'll get SMS's and chance meetings and all the other stuff you said you wanted.  Who knows? Maybe he's sitting around wondering how to "manifest" another meeting with you! 



Joined: Wed Aug 27th, 2008
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
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 Posted: Mon Sep 1st, 2008 08:05 am
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Thank you for your straight to the point answer. You are SO right! I will go to sleep more calm and knowing that I have to focus on having fun and feeling good.

::TU Carmen

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