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"dark night of soul"
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star fairy

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 Posted: Thu Aug 5th, 2010 05:01 pm
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and if not, what do you think of it?



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 Posted: Thu Aug 5th, 2010 06:42 pm
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I would love to hear about that as well. I did a search on the website and couldn't find anything. Christian theology and even feng shui do mention these cycles over a person's lifetime.

Personally, it's something I think I've just come out of after a couple of years. In Abe terms I'd say it was an extended Step 1 period... with a lot of contrast around me, the best way I'd find relief was through meditation. This wasn't necessarily a negative time in my life, I just felt a lot more contemplative. This year I'd say marked the end-- it somehow feels lighter. I can stay more in appreciation without having to meditate, and the big things I know I was asking for have begun to show up. I do wonder if it's a valid situation though, with what Abraham teaches.


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 Posted: Thu Aug 5th, 2010 08:39 pm
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I found Abe during mine, and although that didn't make it 'end' (because that is about me coming into alignment) I would say that finding them helped save my life.

From my experience, and at the core of the issue, I think the 'dark night of the soul' is an extended period of intense resistance, during which you have moments of clarity where you realize you have choices and wonder why you keep choosing the ones that don't feel good. It can be a time of searching and a time of really fast expansion. It seems mostly to be the result of a very fast moving stream that we don't know how to stop paddling against.

Of course there are much more eloquent descriptions and interpretations of the experience, whole books and probably courses or therapies, etc. dedicated to exploring it further, but in Abe terms, I think the preceding paragraph sums it up pretty well.

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 Posted: Thu Aug 5th, 2010 08:40 pm
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I think Abe would say it is a part of awakening - the "all hell breaking loose" part of it that they often speak of.

However, I am sure that they would also say that it doesn't have to be a LONG dark night. As koi7 notes, it is a Step 1 experience - contrast causing us to launch rockets of desire. The faster we are able to align with and allow the new improved version of ourselves that we have become, the shorter the "dark night"....


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