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How would Abraham find a Job?
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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2010 05:26 pm
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I was just wondering to myself-if Abraham found themselves in physical shoes and were looking for work-how would they attract work to them? What would they tell themselves? Would they even bother with job websites, putting their CV together? What would their criteria be? Would they wait for it to come to them? Would they take the first job they were offered? Would "job hunting" seem upstream to them?

I am trying to avoid ending up in the same situation I have just removed myself from-whilst trying to ensure I am going to end up with a job soon.




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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2010 05:33 pm
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The closest physical people to Abraham that I know of are E &  J.

Looking at their "job" give me a very good hint.


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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2010 05:37 pm
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Hi Carrie,

I think they would first of all ponder on what they would like to do, what they feel passionate or excited about doing. And if there wasn't a particluar 'job' that they wanted to, i think they would ponder on the kind of environment they would like to work in, the kind of people they would like to work with, what kind of feelings they want to get from their job, e.g. easy, excited, inspired, fun, etc.

And then they would imagine having that perfect job... really get into the feeling place of having that perfect job....

And they would get into their vortex and take whatever action they were inspired to take, and they would take the action for the joy of taking the action and in expectation of a perfect outcome....

Just my starter for 10... I'm sure others will have more to say!

EnJoy the search!


With love,




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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2010 05:40 pm
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Carrie wrote: I was just wondering to myself-if Abraham found themselves in physical shoes and were looking for work-how would they attract work to them? What would they tell themselves? Would they even bother with job websites,

There is some flawed thinking in the construction of the question by putting Abraham into such a scenario.

But if you were to simply ask, "How would a TITITO person attract work?"

I think the TITITO person would say, "I found this thing that I REALLY REALLY like to do, and I'm going to get paid for it."


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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2010 06:03 pm
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My favorite chapter title in Money, and the Law of Attraction:

"Careers, as profitable sources of pleasure"

Follow your bliss, do what you love...and always have lots of fun along the way.

Your only "job" is to FEEL GOOD - and that radiance will have a positive impact on everyone and everything in your world...whether you are standing at a cash register, scrubbing a floor, or shaking the hand of a partner on a billion-dollar business deal...and there are many very-successful people who have done all three - and the X factor is always charisma and energy and a zest for life!!


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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2010 08:26 pm
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This isn't specifically related to 'job' but a friend who went on the recent Mexican Cruise brought back this gem for me.

The guest in the hot seat had to write an entire book in 6 months. Abe said (paraphrased) "This is how we would do it. The first month, your only job is to get in the vortex. The second month, your only job is to get in the vortex. The third month, your only job is... to get in the vortex. The fourth month, you write the book. The fifth month, you edit. The 6th month, celebrate."

Radiant Rebecca


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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2010 09:10 pm
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Your question came at the perfect time for me. As I really needed some advice on this subject. Job hunting at this point in time does seem upstream to me.

I had 3 job offers since Oct and not one of them panned out. And when I got the offers I stopped looking for work then thinking I had a job starting. So lost some time on each of them. Not to mention filling out all the requested paperwork.

The 1st one told me I had the job...was not a lot of hours...but I was happy because I am getting tired of eating oodles of noodles...thought hey least I can get a happy meal. What happens, the managers friend gets laid off of work and she gets the job instead.

The 2nd job was an assistant manager...bit of a drive...still good benefits. What happened...they decided to promote from within...and then the amount of money, with no benefits and the hours offered for the position left open were so reduced that it would not pay me to work there.

The 3rd job was a new store opening...only part time as a cashier...I took it for now...right around the corner for me...great...store still has not opened but I have been keeping in touch. Was excited about it...felt like this was where I was supposed to be. But because they could not get a hold of me last week to give me a starting schedule...they said they left messages on my cell...but I show none at all from them...they thought I did not want the job when I did not call back and since they are opening this weekend panicked and hired someone else.

Now I am back to sending out resumes which I am tired of doing. At first it was fun...now it is not. I realize that none of these jobs was my dream job...but just the same, a job. So I have a feeling the Universe is lining me up with a great job...but it is getting a little hard waiting for it. I keep thinking I was in the process of raising my vibration and vibrated myself right out of each of the jobs because each job was a little bit better than the last as I was going up my egs.

In the meantime...had a clog in my main house drain (yeah resistance in my life I know)...stress causes my neck to hurt...got over that by getting happy...then hurt my knee (resistance also) and then a swarm of flying ants (yes they were ants not termites, good thing there) came into my house and landed of all places on my bed. Not sure how I manifested that.

So as Chris says our only job is to Feel Good. Sometimes a little harder to do than to say and I don't want to put on a happy face sticker on my situation. Still sitting here trying to raise my vibration up. 

I keep thinking wow I have been having a lot of contrast for the past 6 years or so...my Vortex is full of great stuff just waiting for me to come into alignment. Not sure why I have been having trouble getting in alignment as I was feeling great till this last thing happened. 

In the meantime think I will go and treat myself to a happy meal...if nothing else I know it will move me up the egs from the last two days...at least I went from bummed out...to blah...to whatever.  Happy meal will put a smile back on my face.

If you are trying to avoid the same situation you had before...tell a different story. I should follow my own advice and do the same.  

And I don't know about Abe but yes right now I would take the first job offered.      



Joined: Thu Feb 4th, 2010
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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 03:01 pm
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Haha thanks guys, I now am totally double booked and have to decide which channel I actually want to work for!! YAY!



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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 03:04 pm
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I am with Chris! My  job is to attract others with my zest for life!

tiffany blue

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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 06:01 pm
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I agree. I'm in the earlier stages of the job hunt, considering what career path I'd like to study for in college. And to be honest, my feelings are telling me to go forward into classes that I love. Envision the way I'd like my life to be from day to day, and simply feel it all out. When I try to stick myself in ONE career path, it never feels quite right haha.

I figure dropping the oars is probably best!


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