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Visiting Doctors
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Adorable Amit

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 Posted: Sat Aug 1st, 2009 12:35 pm
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Hi guys.

I rarely ever go to a Doctor unless I have built up a lot of resistance. Recently I visited a dentist and had some small tooth cleaning sessions. I had a few questions in my mind.:?

I`am really grateful for my teeth and I always believe that I have sparkling white,strong & clean & clear teeth & strong gum's in my escrow. Recently I was experiencing some contrast regarding my teeth in my physical reality::LOL & so took a trip to the Doc.

Abraham has mentioned that any action from a position of lack is upstream and does not serve any purpose.Hence I was a little reluctant to go to the doctor.I wanted to take the emotional journey rather than the action journey.Seeing a doctor felt upstream to me.I did not have any major concerns with my teeth, just some resistance.

I was really pleased with my dentist whom I visited after several years and I was extremely pleased with his work.Even when I was on his chair I was doing a rampage of appreciation about him.My 3 sessions went really well & I`am so thrilled with his work.I feel so good about my teeth.He told me to visit him once a year and also informed that there is some minor work with a tooth or two for which I should see him soon.

I understand that going to a Doctor is the path of least resistance & all they do is free our mind and assist in our connection to source.I visited the doctor by being inside the vortex rather than out of neediness.

I was wondering whether Abe has mentioned anything specific to what I`am saying.I would also love to know what my fellow Abers think about Doctors.Do you guys go to the Doctor straight up when you see any resistance in your body or do you guys get into alignment & visit the doctor? ::group::tramp::group

If I look at my body and I see something unwanted & immediately visit the doctor knowing that this is the path of least resistance, does it still indicate action from a place of lack ?

I`am eagerly awaiting some answers folks.::wide::whistle::wide


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 Posted: Sat Aug 1st, 2009 01:50 pm
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Abraham's perspective on this is that visiting a doctor is fine provided the focus is on the abundance of health/well being that will accrue from a visit to the doctor.  This is an inspired visit to the doctor....it stems from joy and love and has the call of source attached to it.... you are moving towards your escrow because the visit is inspired by love/joy/comfort.  

If one is visiting a doctor to overcome something wrong/to "fix" something then it is a visit motivated by fear/pain/discomfort and the focus is on what is wrong which holds you in the vibration of the lackful side of the equation. This will create resistance to their efforts.

Abraham says that medicine, doctors, dentists are neither good nor bad inherently in themselves.  Their efficacy in healing our bodies depends on our vibrational stance towards them.

So, when you visit your dentist, instead of focusing on your cavity, you can focus on the healthy teeth and gums you will have as a result of your visit, and the latter vibrational stance will provide you with more healing.

That being said, sometimes we dont have the luxury of debating the fine nature of these issues in medical emergencies and prepaving, so abraham's rule of thumb is very simple. DOES THE VISIT TO THE DOCTOR BRING RELIEF?  Can the visit move you from a bad feeling emotional state to a good feeling emotional state.  If yes, go for it! :exactly:

Note that it is not about the removal of the physical pain... it is about relief in terms of your emotions.



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 Posted: Sat Aug 1st, 2009 02:01 pm
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"A The key to utilizing your Guidance System and knowing which action is the best action to take, is, just hold in your mind that the path of least resistance is really the best path, because the path of least resistance means the path of most allowance. So, it might sound odd, but the thing that worries you the least is the choice to make.
Now ultimately, in a situation like this, it’s which is the lesser of the two “evils” (so to
speak). And you’ve been making that decision. You’ve been saying, “When I go, it does cause anxiety because it activates my awareness, and I’m tense about what the results could be.” But the question that we want to put to you is, do you think that the anxiety that you feel prior to that test is greater or lesser than the feeling that “I’m not sure I really need to be tested”? Because there’s no right or wrong in it. You do the best thing for yourself by doing the thing that feels the best of those.
It’s like someone saying, “Should I buy insurance?” Because insurance is sort of just
acknowledging that something could go wrong. So, should I buy insurance? Or shouldn’t I?
Well, imagine both in your mind. Buy it in your mind, and feel how it feels. And then refuse to buy it in your mind, and feel how it feels. And you can tell which one had a little more relief factor in it than the other.
We so want you to understand that there’s not a right or wrong action in the world. It’s just the attention to it, and the relief or not relief that it gives you. Really.


A So it does not make a bit of difference whether you go for those tests, or whether you don’t. What is important, is that if you go, line up with the idea of going. And if you don’t go, line up with the idea of not going. That’s what splits the Energy.


We would say to ourselves, “And, of course, I’m going to be keeping my ear to the
ground about how I’m feeling emotionally. And I’m coming to understand that I cannot be feeling emotionally good and not be moving toward what I want. And I know that my continued wellness is what is over there in my Vibrational Escrow. So, anything I do to enhance my sense of Well-Being, is moving me toward that wellness that is over there in my Vibrational Escrow.
And I have the perfect opportunity all day every day to amend those decisions. In other words, I’m not saying that I will never go. I’m just saying that I don’t think I need to go that frequently.
And so, I’m just going to settle in here and trust that the way I feel is really good Guidance instead of listening to all the guidance that is coming from all of those other places.”
We are not uncomfortable at all, in encouraging you to listen to what is coming forth
from within you. Because there is so much that is going on with medicine. In other words, the doctors are well-meaning, for the most part, and lovely people, who want to assist, but there is this attitude that they have.… In fact, Jerry and Esther will get letters that Abraham should not be speaking so boldly about someone not doing something that his doctors are clearly telling him that he should be doing while he follows his own Guidance. And we want to say to those doctors, when you are curing all your patients, we’ll have this conversation. When you are so sure of your medicine that all of them, or 80% of them, or 70% of them, or 60% of them, or 50% of
them, or 40% or them, or 30 % of them, or 20% of them are consistently responding to the remedy that you’re offering, we’ll have that conversation about that action that you are so sure of.
Action, taken in the midst of contradicted vibration, does not bring you the result that
you are looking for, and that’s why your medicine is all over the place. That’s why you cannot find the cure for so many things. When you are looking for the vibrational cause, now, you’re onto something"

Los Angeles 8/5/07

Adorable Amit

Joined: Wed Feb 11th, 2009
Location: Mumbai, India
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 Posted: Sun Aug 2nd, 2009 12:51 pm
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secondchances ::TU for the wonderful explanation. I have just being reminded that there is such a subtle difference between focusing on what is wanted and focusing on the unwanted.::tramp

 I remember an interaction which I had heard, not sure from which workshop in which Abe responded to Jerry`s question of building muscles.Abe pointed out that if you exercise with the intent of building strong muscles and keeping your body fit then it will be really productive.If you exercise with the mindset of eliminating fat then it is going crossway to the current. Abe had pointed out that there is such a subtle difference that many people are unable to differentiate.I`am so glad that I have attracted Abe in my life and learning & implementing so much in my life.:beautiful:::woohoo:beautiful:

SMGoddess ::TU for the amazing interaction that you posted.It is so good to know that we have access to an awesome guidance system.It is so cool to get these intuitions and nudges from our inner being.::cool

Thank you guys.I have become so clear minded now about medicines,Doctors,etc.


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 Posted: Tue Aug 18th, 2009 08:09 pm
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For me personally  tests to look for something wrong  feel like resistance, so I never do that. But if I would have some serious pain or something of that nature, I probably would go, depending on the situation. But first I would do what I know helps- juice fasting, workout- the things I do anyway ::LOL.

Dentist is a little different for me, because I don't have a belief, that cavities can fill themselves, although they probably could under the right conditions. So I do go to the dentist, but not as often as they recommend.

Whatever feels best!

Actually I had oppositer problem - I had a lot of resistance to all of the cruel and worthless things doctors do to the sick people, despite that these things never solve the chronic problems. I made myself to release it with thoughts like

 People attract that type of treatment with their vibration

 Doctors simply can't bug it - they match it

 Contrast in their lives creates growth

 It is not wrong, it is different perpective. ::stardust

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